How you can use Google Friend Connect

You can use Google Friend Connect to put 3 different modules on the website you make using SynthaSite.  The 3 modules are:

--  Members gadget

--  Wall gadget

--  Review / Rate gadget

If you put the Members gadget on your site, people can sign up to "join" your site.  They will be listed right there in the gadget on your site.  They will have a profile and they can invite their friends to join your site as well (getting you more visitiors).

If you put the Wall gadget on your site, it allows people to post comments about your site or that page.  Kind of like posting on someone's "Wall" in a social network.

If you put the Review / Rate gadget on your site, is allows people to review or rate what ever topic you choose.  This could be your site, a page, a picture on your site, ... anything.  The gadget will display the average rating, as well as each person's comments and rating.

You can find the original company post on Get Satisfaction about using Google Friend Connect here:

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