Example Sites

Here are some sites I've come across that show good design and use of SynthaSite's features.  I'd encourage you to browse them for ideas for your site.

They are sorted into categories, first by Business, Groups, and Personal sites.


ForEva Music Productions

Official site for music and video productions from an organization which acts as a medium for those individuals interested in using art as a form of self-expression.


A very good site about a conference or event.

Baird Coins

John Baird's one-man business, with a mission to provide UK coin collectors with quality coins.


A small team of family members that have bought and sold new and used CD's on the net for over 5 years.


Shaq's Ministry

A free online ministerial site here to spread the word.

First Missouri Battalion

A reenactment society, which portrays and teaches the history of the American Civil War.

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